At our October 2022 Ladies Who Long Lunch event, our theme was focused on “Thinkers & Tinkers”, to celebrate and highlight our Empowerment Panelists’ careers.  

Sorita McGrane, Matilda March and Karen Clarey are doing things a little differently, creating and supporting women in incredible ways. Our goal for the empowerment panel was to reflect on the amazing ways women in business are building industry, recognising problems and solving them. 

Have you ever heard the term “Thinkers & Tinkers” used in business?  

It’s a phrase often used to describe the most successful and innovative minds in the industry. But what does it actually mean? Thinkers are those who come up with ideas, strategies, and solutions that will have a lasting impact on our world. They seek out new opportunities, create unique products and services, and drive systemic change. Tinkers, on the other hand, are creators who build tangible items that are designed to make our lives easier or just plain fun. In this article, we’ll explore both types of professionals and how they work together to shape the future of business.  

The Role of Thinkers in Business  

Thinkers are the brains behind any successful business operation. They come up with inspired ideas, design strategies to implement them, and develop long-term plans for growth. With their creative mindsets and innovative problem-solving skills, thinkers can take an idea from concept to reality in no time at all. Furthermore, by continuously rethinking existing processes and challenging conventional wisdom, thinkers can lead businesses into new markets and territories that may have been previously unexplored.  

The Role of Tinkers in Business  

Tinkers are essential for creating tangible products that meet customer needs or desires. With their technical know-how and willingness to experiment with new materials or technologies, tinkers can turn even the most ambitious ideas into reality with relative ease. From inventing revolutionary products like electric cars to developing game-changing apps like Uber Eats – tinkers have an unparalleled ability to bring an entrepreneur’s vision to life.  

Thinkers & Tinkers are two sides of the same coin when it comes to business success – each playing a vital role in driving innovation forward within any organization. By combining their unique skillsets — thinkers can dream up incredible initiatives while tinkers bring them into existence — these two types of professionals can help any business reach its full potential and achieve unprecedented success.  

So if you want your enterprise to make a real impact on the world around us — be sure to find some thinkers & tinkers that share your vision! 

LWLL Event October 2022; 

The sellout LWLL event was held at The Komo in Redcliffe on Friday 28th October.

The Empowerment Panel showcased a focus on Thinking, Tinkering, and Innovating.

The careers of the Empowerment Panelists exemplified the remarkable approaches employed by women in business, where they contribute to industry development, identify and address challenges, bridge gaps, and incorporate sustainability into their everyday operations. These women are pioneers in their own right, championing unique methods to empower and uplift women in remarkable ways.


Sorita McGrane is passionate about business and economic growth. With a combined career spanning both private and government sectors, she has significant experience in economic development including Strategic Roadmaps for Beef Processing, Advanced Manufacturing, Defence, Aerospace, Biomedical and Resource Recovery.
Her current role within Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Economic Development team supports the growth of the food and agribrusiness sector. This newly created leadership role has seen her relocate to Moreton Bay from regional Queensland in the last couple of years.
Since running successful businesses in coaching, training, realty and management, Sorita now continues to invest her time and passion in additional leadership topics inclusive of regional workforce development and indigenous business development.
Matilda Marsh is a passionate change maker with an extensive background in community development and entrepreneurship.
Co-creating Myoni as a purpose-driven startup, Matilda and the Myoni team brought their Menstrual Cup to the market. Designing, manufacturing and developing ethical supply chains to create a purpose-led business has been a lesson-filled journey.
Her work has taken her to many different communities, driving programs that build community resilience, connectedness and health. It is from this ethos of positive impact that she has partnered with her drive for entrepreneurship and business with purpose to co-create Myoni.
Karen Clarey is a colour-loving artist, business owner, fashion designer and creator at her handmade business, Ne Ne Bop.
Her interest in designing and creating items that are designed to be cherished for years to come showcases an interest in thoughtful design and versatility in fashion, with an aim to create zero waste in her processes.
As part of her conscious creative processes, Karen is handmaking exclusive pieces for her clothing and accessory lines from her studio North of Brisbane. Working only with other ethical, conscious and carbon footprint reducing companies and suppliers she’s leading by example for other creative businesses.

If you would like to connect with our Empowerment Panelist, you can find them in our Business Directory.


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