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Ladies Who Long Lunch events encourage business-women to recognise the importance of self-care and the social impact of spending time with others who inspire, support and re-energise them.

During Covid, Kirsty and Jo the Ladies Who Long Lunch Hosts, identified that the time women in business have been isolated was taking a toll on their mental health and wellbeing.

Women in business during lockdowns were still trying to carry out all facets of their businesses to keep them operating as best as possible whilst home-schooling, dealing with family needs, putting themselves and their wellbeing last.

When women suffer from mental health issues this affects their families and children. Women need to make connections and need peer support for their businesses from other women who serve as their mentors and sounding boards – who understand the stresses that they deal with daily. This was essentially lost to them during covid lockdowns.

We expected connecting female founders again to be a challenge as they’d lost this, and were focussed on re-establishing their businesses to support their families. Encouraging them to take time out for themselves and to recognise they needed this in what was is seen as a luxury social event was unheard of.

With this in mind, we decided to call it Ladies Who Long Lunch and set out to encourage and market it as time for women to connect, network, support each other whilst incorporating business education and motivation whilst gathering and connecting with other women in business for health and wellbeing.

Event Programs are designed to incorporate networking, fun, food, the art of gathering and exchanging experiences, ideas and stories to cohesively create a welcoming environment to relax and reenergise guests.

Feedback from our guests is constantly the same that this has made a huge difference to their businesses through connecting and they are grateful for the opportunity to “take time out” for themselves.


Meet Kirsty Fields

Kirsty is the Creative Director of Social Ocean, a marketing agency based on the Redcliffe Peninsula specialising in DIY marketing training for business owners and Events Marketing.

In business, Kirsty’s clients around Australia and internationally, range from micro-businesses to Government Departments and agencies, Industry groups and include both service and product-based businesses across a broad range of industries.

Passionate about corporate social responsibility, Kirsty volunteers her time to regularly support local community groups and ventures implement their ideas, goals and needs.

When launching her own business in 2017, she was looking for educational events to attend to learn more about being a business owenr, which resulted in her Founding the Ocean Network later the same year. Ocean Network runs two breakfast networking events each month and provides educational business speakers for business owners to join. All events are free to attend.

Kirsty is also on the Steering Committee for Moreton Bay Says No 2 Violence (annual march).

Meet Jo Stevens

Jo Stevens is the Founder of Quirky Habits and an award winning Personal Coach & Mindfulness Mentor who helps women in business to embrace their quirkiness and step out of their comfort zone.  

Jo is passionate about supporting women in small businesses. Her Quirky Habits Program provides amazing resources for women looking to learn more about the difference between healthy quirks and unhealthy habits. With a 3 step Quirky Toolkit, the program provides valuable insights and tools to help women thrive in their businesses. With her uplifting spirit and dedication to helping others, Jo is truly making a difference in the lives of women in business. 

Jo is also the coordinator of Common Grounds which a business women’s networking group running once a month in Newstead.



Ladies Who Long Lunch have been featured by local media outlets. Read, view or listen to them by clicking on images below. 

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Next Event

The next Brisbane location for Ladies Who Long Lunch is at Manly. An afternoon out in the bayside suburb sees us overlooking the Marina of the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron from The Girders Room.

Better yet, join our VIP Pre-Event and kickstart your Friday from a luxury yacht at the private jetty alongside the venue.

Book tickets to join us at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, on Friday 19th July from 12:00pm-3:30pm.









Kirsty Fields and Jo Stevens
Event MCs Jo Stevens & Kirsty Fields

About Our Hosts At Your Event

Looking for the perfect Host or Masters of Ceremonies (MC, Emcee) for your next event?

You might think hosting an event is an easy job, and if you’re confident speaking in front of groups, you’d be a likely candidate to get the job! However, being a Master of Ceremonies and leading your audience throughout an event isn’t an easy job.

When you see a great MC, you’ll feel the value they brought to your event. With years of experience hosting and MC-ing events, Kirsty Fields and Jo Stevens make an effortless pairing as your event Host.

Kirsty and Jo are able to keep your audience on track and engaged them with quirky comedic play and great senses of humour, suited to the occasion!

Available to be your Master of Ceremonies (MCs) anywhere in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, interstate and overseas. These respected event hosts are business women in South East Queensland with broad event experiences in sport, education, business and allied health.

Selecting the right Master of Ceremonies is crucial for the smooth running of your next professional event.

What our Event Hosting can do for your Event

As professional Master of Ceremonies, we’ll liaise with the event coordinator regarding the event program and requirement for formalities and event styling and outcomes you’re looking for.

From when the event starts until the very end of the night, we’ll keep the show going and your event schedule running to time.

As your official host, our job as professional MC will play an important role. Able to set the tone you’re looking for at your event, creating energy and excitement, whilst being flexible with the events and venue teams.

With professional skills as MCs, including being able to improvise, be humourous and natural hosts, Kirsty and Jo take their event responsibilities seriously.

Do I need an MC for my corporate event?

Don’t underestimate the importance of a quality, experienced Master of Ceremonies for your next conference or event. More than any other speaker on the program, your master of ceremonies is essential.

It’s easy for events to go off-track, loose timing and forget about key AV, staging and catering requirements. However, Jo and Kirsty can bring your event back on track – with humour, humility and calm – avoiding potential issues during your important event.


Our long lunch events are held in various locations around Brisbane and Moreton Bay. If you host lunch functions at your venue and would like your venue to be considered to host one of our future events, get in touch.

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