Meet Riz McDonald from Foundd Legal. Riz is an online legal and business service supporting small business owners. 


Riz McDonald is the proud founder and director of Foundd Legal. Foundd is an online legal and business service with a passion for empowering creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to get legally legit. It’s all about providing innovative ways to grow your business! Riz is an eCommerce entrepreneur of over 10 years, and a lawyer (qualified in Australia and Scotland!) for over 20. But it was a journey to get there. Riz’s story began with enthusiasm, grit, and a fierce determination to rewrite the rules. 

From an early age, Riz had a knack for business acumen and creative thinking. It all began when she was just eight years old, selling dolls she’d purchased from a second-hand store after giving them a full makeover. She wanted some books and needed cash, quick. So Riz set herself up facing the kindergarten. With unwavering enthusiasm, she sold doll after doll. She paid back her mother for buying the dolls, and bought her books the very next day. This set the stage for her unyielding commitment to making dreams come true – especially when education was involved! 

For Riz, learning wasn’t always smooth sailing. As the firstborn girl in a family that held traditional beliefs, she didn’t quite fit the mold her parents had envisioned. Her mold looked a little more like “staying home to cook and clean” than “becoming a doctor or a lawyer.” Education was considered unnecessary for a girl, and Riz was pulled out of school at 13. 

In the face of societal expectations, she secretly pursued education, determined to prove that she was capable of achieving. She took up sewing lessons, and unbeknownst to her parents, also took lessons in Maths, English, History, and typing at the same centre. Every cent she made went straight to her parents. But she was getting what she desperately wanted – an education. 

Soon, Riz talked her mum into letting her apply for a job as an office junior at a law firm. She couldn’t tell them about her typing skills, or else the jig would be up. Luckily, she was able to bag the job on personality alone! While she still didn’t see any of the money she made, she had a proper job. And her parents were thrilled with the extra cash. 

Riz met some astonishing women through that job, and her mind was blown. Now more than ever, she could see that the life her parents envisioned for her wasn’t the only path. In fact, women could achieve anything. She left that office junior job feeling totally inspired to become a lawyer herself. She liaised with her mum until she let her join night school, and once she graduated, she was on the move. 

Over the next few years, Riz moved from Wales to Australia, and then to Scotland, doing summer school and night school. She was granted admission into Aberdeen School of Law, and spent the next few years working casual jobs on the side to make ends meet. 

She began work as a fully-fledged lawyer, but as the years unfolded, she took on other things, too. Marriage, motherhood, settling down, and then beginning an online business selling men’s grooming products. This business rose to six-figures! It took all of her skills, and a lot of mistakes, but she knew she could do it if she put her mind to it. 

She’d achieved her dream of becoming a lawyer, but she started yearning for something more. While she relished helping people, she craved a deeper connection and a sense of making a tangible difference. The idea of having her own, tailored business that made the most of her talents took hold. She wanted to use her experience with business ownership, as well as her legal know-how. All this planted the seed that would become Foundd Legal. 

Taking the leap into the solo world was incredibly daunting, especially with Riz’s family at the centre of her world. Not to mention having the ever-persistent Imposter Syndrome there, ready to knock her down! But she refused to let fear dictate her destiny. Remembering the second hand dolls, and her belief that anything is possible, she was ready. Having positive people at her side also helped. She threw herself headfirst into Foundd Legal, and just kept reminding herself, “I can do this, I’ve got this.” 

Foundd Legal isn’t your typical law firm, confined within the walls of a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment. They’ve shattered the mold, transforming legal services into an online powerhouse. Having already made her foray into the ecommerce world, keeping it online made the most sense to Riz. 

At Foundd Legal, they understand the challenges faced by influencers, entrepreneurs, startups, and creatives. Legal support is often overlooked when you’re running your own business. It’s viewed as an expensive add-on. However, neglecting legal aspects can have devastating consequences. Foundd strives to make legal guidance accessible and affordable, offering an array of services designed to meet the needs of our clients. Their detailed contract templates, accompanied by user guides, provide a solid foundation for protecting intellectual property, establishing client expectations, and mitigating potential disputes. They offer free consultations to address specific concerns and subscription packages for ongoing support. Foundd’s transparent pricing ensures that you never encounter unexpected costs along the way. 

Legal guidance throughout the setup and lifespan of a business is crucial. Foundd has witnessed the aftermath of costly mistakes made by those who neglected the legal aspects of their endeavors. Imagine pouring your heart and soul into building a brand, only to discover that someone else owns the trademark for your logo! Such setbacks can be avoided by seeking legal counsel and ensuring that your rights and interests are protected. A well-crafted contract, intellectual property safeguards, and clear boundaries with clients are essential for preserving your hard work and avoiding potential pitfalls. 

Foundd’s brand values – simplicity, humanity, transparency, and curiosity – are the driving force behind their work. They want their clients to feel as though it’s okay for life to feel messy, and to make mistakes. That’s why we get our legals in order! By incorporating these values into their business, they attract clients who resonate with their unique approach. Riz doesn’t take herself too seriously, she loves to chat, and she’s a huge knowledge geek. She believes that the more authentic she is with her brand, the more she seems to attract the clients that are right for the business! 

Riz’ journey was not without obstacles, and perhaps the most formidable one was the battle against her own self-doubt. Insecurity and limiting beliefs threatened to hold her back. But with an incredible group of women by her side – cheerleaders who uplifted and inspired her – she tapped into her inner strength and passion. 

Riz hopes this story is a testament to the power of passion, persistence, and a relentless pursuit of your dreams. Never allow self-doubt or external limitations to dim your light. Embrace your aspirations, set clear goals, and seek the guidance necessary to protect and nurture what matters most to you. When you take that leap of faith and stay true to your vision, you can unleash your full potential.  

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