There is power in making connections for women in business.

Ladies Who Long Lunch has brought women-centric events from concept to reality since 2021. Identifying goals before launching events was important, but have been reconfirmed during all the events held since.

They goals are to:

  • Provide ladies who need friendships and connections a place to do that,
  • Encourage ladies who need to take time out of the business for themselves to put up that all important Out Of Office auto-reply,
  • Provide a supportive environment for ladies who are looking to make genuine connections in business by giving them time opportunities to do that.

One of the greatest outcomes of the LWLL events has been that ladies in attendance have made new friends from around the room. They’re connecting with each other away from the lunches, and are growing their connections and fostering relationships.

These growing connections is what helped form the theme for the 2022 Ladies Who Long Lunch May event: “Creating Connections”, and we were very lucky to be connected to three amazing women who joined us on the Empowerment Panel.

Panelists Jessica Ndenda, Janelle Bostock and Amanda Bulow each facilitate their own business networking groups or charities that have or continue to provide women with opportunities to network and connect.


Why is it important for women in business to create connections?

As a woman in business, making connections can be the key to success. In today’s business world, it is important to establish meaningful relationships with others and allow those connections to open up opportunities for your career. Whether it’s networking with potential employers or collaborating with colleagues, creating strong connections can help you reach your goals and grow professionally.


Making Connections Creates Opportunities

When it comes to career growth, it is essential that women form meaningful relationships with others in their field. Having a solid network of professional contacts can open up job opportunities and provide valuable advice as you navigate the often-difficult business landscape. Additionally, having an extensive network allows you to showcase your skillset and accomplishments to potential employers. Making connections also means gaining access to resources that could benefit your career prospects, such as mentorship programs or educational opportunities. Establishing strong relationships with those around you will give you the ability to expand your knowledge base and find new ways of growing professionally.

Connections can lead to Collaboration

Making meaningful connections also helps create collaboration opportunities between peers. Women in business should look for ways to support each other through networking events or online communities – this type of collaboration not only creates helpful resources for everyone involved but also helps build trust among colleagues which is essential for any successful team dynamic.

Additionally, working together on projects can help build confidence in yourself and in those around you – something that is especially beneficial when attempting new tasks or tackling difficult challenges at work. Working together can also provide inspiration and motivation when needed; having another person by your side when tackling complex tasks makes them seem more manageable and increases productivity overall.

Making meaningful connections is an invaluable tool for women in business – from finding job opportunities to collaborating on projects, building relationships is key if you want to succeed professionally. Networking gives us access to resources we may not have had before; it provides us with mentors who will guide us through our careers; and most importantly, it brings people together so that we can learn from each other’s experiences and successes.

In order for women to continue making strides within the business world, connecting with one another needs to remain an ongoing priority so that we continue helping each other grow professionally, while promoting a sense of unity.

The Power of Connections

Meet our Empowerment Panel at our Ladies Who Long Lunch – The Power of Connections. 

Amanda BulowAmanda is a well-connected construction industry professional with over 20 years’ experience. Her extensive knowledge in procurement, sales & production estimating has assisted numerous organisations in streamlining their business, finding efficiencies and improving results. 

With extensive industry networks, Amanda has built a formidable reputation for consistently identifying obstacles and blind spots within the business and implementing strategic solutions, underpinned by a genuine desire to achieve the best possible outcome for the business.   

Amanda is dedicated to positioning Awesome Women in Construction (AWIC) as a leading influence for women in the construction industry. Her support, advocacy and education of small businesses and women in the construction industry is a strong focus. 

Janelle Bostock Janelle is passionate about making real connections, and providing opportunities for women in business.

Her current and former CEO and Board roles include the much loved Women’s Network Australia, being a Founding Member of Marfan Association Qld and the Bostock Group. Janelle’s diverse skills of making connections and innovative thinking are instrumental in how she supports so many in the community.
Jessica NdendaJessica is an award-winning business owner, public speaker and women in business activist. Leaving her reputable corporate career in Learning and Development and sales to build Olive Louise Social in 2015, she has successfully built one of Brisbane’s most recognised boutique marketing agencies, leading a team of 8 hardworking mothers and young women, whilst raising her own tribe of 5 children.

Jessica is passionate about educating women to recognise they really can have it all if they are intentional about changing their thinking and learning practical tools to help them succeed through her second business The Belle Evolution. Jess is known for working the hardest, laughing the loudest and dreaming the biggest all whilst rocking her weird and wonderful frocks! 

This event was held at Baedecker in Newstead on Friday 22nd July 2022.

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