Lauren Micale from Bayside Admin & Booking writes about how number-crunching might not be your passion or skill, but it is hers.

Article originally published in The Lunch Mag, Issue 1, March 2024.

Number-crunching? Ouch – that sounds painful!

You won’t hear those words coming out of my mouth any day soon! The Bayside Admin & Bookkeeping team love working with numbers.

We do hear this almost every day though, from existing and potential clients, and generally most other businesses (and people!) who aren’t immersed in the world of finance.

In some ways, it’s no different to the pain of:

  • networking in large groups,
  • posting on social media, or
  • creating flyers to promote your business.

Those things bring me out in a sweat.

For those of you who find that stuff easy, or who even, ugh – ‘ENJOY’ them – I say, give me ten spreadsheets and a hundred receipts to reconcile, and I’ll happily swap you for all of the items on the list above!


Follow your Passion.

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘Follow your passion, and success will follow.’ For some small business owners, that passion might be:

  • crafting the perfect cup of coffee with a frothy leaf on top,
  • creating unique pieces of handmade jewellery, or
  • providing care services to people with a disability.

However, there’s one passion that doesn’t tend to sit at the top of many people lists: numbers.


Ah, the dreaded world of bookkeeping. 😈🧾💲

It’s a necessary evil, keeping the financial ship afloat, but for many small business owners, it’s like speaking a foreign language. It’s no surprise to our team when you tell us that you’d rather organise a thousand craft supplies or groom a small army of fluffy dogs than deal with spreadsheets and receipts.

You are not alone in this struggle. This aversion to numbers is so common in the entrepreneurial and small business world. Who has time to reconcile accounts when there are innovative, shiny ideas to chase and customers to win and wow?

Jokes aside, keeping tabs on the numbers is crucial for the long-term success of your business. So, what’s a business owner to do?

First and foremost, embrace the power of delegation.

Whether it’s hiring a part-time bookkeeper or investing in user-friendly accounting software (we highly recommend Xero), there are ways to make bookkeeping much more accessible. Think of the joy and relief you’ll experience when you can finally say, ‘My books are in order for the accountant this year, and I didn’t even cry!’

If you need to find some humour in the midst of the mayhem, you can check out our Facebook and Insta socials – we try to include some funny money memes to help you laugh off your number nightmares. Which we oversee, but don’t actually do by the way – while we are talking of amazing task delegation! Find the solution that works best for you, and if you need any guidance or support along the way, you know where we are. Our passion is helping people, and numbers is our thing.

If you need to delegate anything number-crunchy – we can help you set up your accounts on Xero. Or if it’s a serious blind spot for you, we can take that entire box of receipts off your hands that you have hiding in the bottom drawer in your office, and be your friendly Accounts Department until the end of time. Happy to help you at either end of the scary numbers scale!

If any of this has resonated with you, or you know someone who could benefit from the work we do, you can find out more or direct them to me via our website – I look forward to seeing you at another fabulous event soon!



Lauren is a highly skilled bookkeeper and administrative professional with over 20 years’ experience. She’s worked in various industries, most recently disability services where she gained extensive experience with NDIS regulations and the price guide being a NDIS Plan Manager.

With experience working as an accounts manager and bookkeeper, she’s achieved my Cert IV in Accounting and is a Member with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

Lauren manages and provides small to medium sized offices with a full range of accounts and administrative skills, as well as providing a high level of support to executive level management. She’s also successfully established and maintained her own virtual assistant business providing virtual support to other small businesses.

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Lauren’s article: Number-crunching? Ouch – that sounds painful! was originally printed in Issue 1 of The Lunch Mag.

Lauren joined Ladies Who Long Lunch Hosts Kirsty Fields and Jo Stevens at their International Women’s Day event in March 2024 to officially launch the dedicated event magazine publicly.


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