Meet Lauren Micale – Founder of Bayside Admin & Bookkeeping which supports small business owners, with bookkeeping, administration, and business management. 


The Bayside Admin & Bookkeeping focus has always been ‘helping people who help people’.  

We do this by supporting other small business owners, with bookkeeping, administration, and business management as our primary services – operating as the backbone of their organisations, empowering others to shine in their field of impact, creating a better world. 

When I started my business in 2014,  

  • I had one VA client,  
  • in the process of completing the 1400 hours of experience required to be a registered BAS agent, and  
  • was taking on lots more bookkeeping work, cos I really love working with numbers! 

Now, I’m a fully qualified bookkeeper, registered BAS agent, and a NDIS Plan Manager, with extensive knowledge of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). 


In 2016, while working for a disability service provider, I realised that I was finding the work particularly fulfilling, supporting people in a very different way. So I became a Plan Manager for NDIS participants. 

Quickly gaining a quality service reputation within the local NDIS community, I started to get enquiries to support in a bigger context, by assisting NDIS service providers. We now provide all back-office accounts, bookkeeping and admin for NDIS service providers, many of whom have multiple clients. Some have participants with very high dependency needs, requiring round-the-clock care. Others help move clients towards supported independent living. As a Plan Manager, I can only help one person at a time. As a support for NDIS service providers, my help ultimately reaches more lives.
I was never drawn to a typical caring career like nursing, but I genuinely love to help people, so this has become my way of making a difference in the world, using the natural and learned talents and skills I have. One of my key business and personal values is helping others and now I’ve taken it a stage further by ‘helping people who help people’! 

Balancing more than the Books 

I love spending quality time with my family, doing our favourite things. Like camping, although we have a bit of a reputation for bringing out the worst weather when we go camping! And I don’t like to miss out on attending events at my children’s schools. I want my girls to look back at their childhood and remember that they saw Mum being an entrepreneur – smashing goals and glass ceilings, but also knowing I was there for them. They will have seen me love my work, and doing work that helps others. Hopefully I’ll inspire them to look for work that brings them satisfaction, and pride. I need them to see that it’s possible to create a life that is balanced, in whatever way works for them.
To demonstrate all of that, I need flexibility around my work, so I was determined to create a good work/life balance. I do like things being balanced, being a bookkeeper! 

Because balance is so important to me, it’s something I offer to my team members – we discuss flexibility and what their needs are, depending on their circumstances. I have two team members doing lots of travel around the country working remotely, another who works part-time, and one currently based in Japan! 

I also choose to outsource the expertise that our team doesn’t have, as I firmly believe in the phrase I used as a VA – ‘Focus on your best, outsource the rest’. Working with a group of collaborative consultants, I have assistance with tasks outside of my expertise, in areas like marketing, graphic design and branding. Rather than overloading myself trying to wear all the hats in the business, this allows us to have more impact, and ultimately, help more people. 


Those around me who know me well, would confirm that I am a massive introvert.
They also know how much I encourage and inspire friends and colleagues to do things that I know will help them grow. I’ve always loved being the cheerleader for those I care about. It’s in my nature and my values, as I want to ‘help people who help people’! 

I’m also a huge advocate for my clients and always looking out for opportunities for them. Ones I know would enhance or spread further the work they already do. Networking events used to be so difficult for me as an introvert, but now when I go, the urge to tell people about the amazing work that my clients do, becomes my brave step up. The world needs to hear their messages and experience their services. I’ve encouraged clients to write books, apply for awards, take on bigger clients and projects – things I know they are capable of; they just need the encouragement to go for it!  

 Working for a leadership coach has given me access to her courses and materials, and her ongoing support and advice over the years has been of incredible value. Sometimes, as a leader, one of the most important things you can do, is recognise that you can’t do it all alone.

Understanding the value of bringing in other people who are leaders in their own field is a game changer in terms of business growth. Being a great leader is something I continually aspire to. I don’t think it is something that you learn, and then ‘set and forget’. Every day that I get up and run my business, is a new opportunity to learn how to be a better leader than I was yesterday.  

Understanding my niche and target market has helped me to provide a more enhanced service to my clients, as I learn new information that can help them every day. Having clearer boundaries on how, when and who I work with, makes my work extremely fulfilling. 

If any of this has resonated with you, or you know someone who could benefit from the work we do, you can find out more or direct them to me via our website – I look forward to seeing you at another fabulous event soon! 

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