Too much choice can be overwhelming. Like streaming platforms. There are so many choices of what to watch on what platform, and sometimes, you don’t know what you want to watch, you just want to watch something. So you end up just picking that decades old TV series that you’ve seen 22 times because you just want to watch something.

Now apply that thinking to selecting an organisation to get involved with. We all want to do some good, we all want to make a positive change in the world. We all want to make the world a better place. There are over 57,000 charities listed with the Australian Charity and Not-for-profit registry, and approximately 30,000 social enterprises. That’s nearly 90,000 options! To really blow your mind here, if you chose just one charity or social enterprise to interact with in some way shape or form every week, just one a week, that would take you one thousand, seven hundred and thirty weeks to get through them all. Talk about choice overload!  So again, oftentimes, we end up just choosing the charity we know by brand, the big ones who have been around for so many years. And that’s cool, but it means the little guys, the boots-on-the-ground guys, don’t get the support they need.

How to Help began from my own experience of trying to find an organisation to get involved with in a way that suited me and my family. It’s a wonderful story about visiting Edinburgh on our honeymoon and my daughter, Mimi, wanting to give to the homeless people we saw. We didn’t have money to give, and we were tourists, we didn’t have local coin. Mimi still wanted to help and suggested that we share some of our food. It was a beautiful experience, she was only 7 at the time.

When we got home, we wanted to do more to help as a family. I struggled to find an organisation that wasn’t just looking for money, or they were wanting volunteers doing 15+ hours a week, or to sign petitions.

After what felt like forever, one night in frustration, I said to Hot Scot Hubby, ‘surely there has got to be an easier way?!’ and he says ‘aye hen, but what can you do about it?’

I created an easy way to find an organisation or cause to support – that’s what I’ve done about it. I’ve created How to Help. A platform that connects those who want to help with people who need help, working together to make the world a better place.

Through our directory, you simply select who you want to help, where you want to help, and how you want to help, and we give you the options that suit you best. We’ve made it easier to get involved, easier to take small actions to make big impact.

Our cause categories run deep to make it that much easier to find a niche cause to suit. There are 17 sustainable developmental goals as issued by the United Nations. The Australian Charities and Non-for-profit registry have 38 categories, but some of these are vague. In our database on, we have 22 categories, with over 100 sub-categories. That number continues to grow, as we make it easier for you to find the right cause for your heart mission.

Did you know that there are five charities alone in Queensland who cater solely to guinea pigs? Guinea pigs! There are many different causes, and everyone has their own capacity to give. 

Maybe you work part-time, and you want to be able to help out volunteering. Maybe you have your own business, and you want to sponsor an organisation. Maybe you like to attend events, or you want to switch your products to serve greater impact. Our hope is that you will find your way to make a big impact in your community by just making small changes for good, and you can find your own way to help make the world a better place. Whatever your cause – and however you want to help – we want to help you find the right organisation to get involved with.

As a not-for-profit or a social enterprise, you can list your organisation where helpers are looking. Be found by the right person, with the right stuff, to help you make a difference. There’re positions for a small business to sponsor an organisation they are passionate about. Get in touch now to find out how you can become a helper.


About the Author 

Stacey MacMillan-White is the founder of How to Help, a social enterprise with a mission to make getting involved with your community, either local or large, easy. They connect those who want to help with people who need help, working together to make the world a better place.

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