Amanda Cremonini owner of Smiling Hearts & Minds Hypnotherapy and founder of The Worthy AF Club, shares why self love and self worth, are the cornerstone personal assets that every women in business needs.

Abbreviated article originally published in The Lunch Mag, Issue 1, March 2024.

Chat to any woman in business and I’d say most would agree the entrepreneurial journey is a rollercoaster ride full of highs and lows and everything in between. And that’s why in my opinion self love and self worth, are cornerstone personal assets that every women in business requires to navigate this wild ride without ending up in burnout, or breakdown.  

For me personally, the self worth and self love journey is what lead me to where I am now as a Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist and Founder of the Worthy AF Club, opening soon in 2024.

The Rollercoaster Ride Begins: 

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship—which is such an exciting, yet uncertain step filled with endless possibilities and many unknowns. As women in business, we know that the journey isn’t always smooth sailing, in fact, the seas can get pretty rough at times.  You may have even lost count of the number of times you’ve wanted to throw in the towel and just give up!  From juggling multiple hats and responsibilities, to overcoming what can feel like a never-ending stream of challenges and obstacles; it’s a certainly wild and exciting ride that requires a hefty dose of self-love to keep us grounded and riding the inevitable ebb and flow of business.  

So give yourself some credit sis and embrace just how strong, resilient and incredible you already are, no matter where you may be in your business journey right now.  

Embrace Your Inner Boss Babe: 

Let’s talk about owning our inner boss babe! As entrepreneurs, we’re not just business owners; we’re visionaries, trailblazers, change makers and leaders in our own right. When you’re an employee you’ve got someone telling you what to do and when it needs to be done by. You might even be lucky enough to have a great Boss that notices, recognises and praises all of your great efforts and contribution.   

But, as an entrepreneur, you are the Boss and so you’ve got to have your own back.  It’s time to step into the Boss Babe that you already are and activate your Inner Cheerleader. This means making the tough decisions and being compassionate with yourself when it goes sideways, which it will.  Not everything you do is going to come off the way you wanted it too and when that happens, it’s important to be there for yourself with kindness and compassion.  

Recognise all of your accomplishments, all of the steps you’re taking in the face of fear and uncertainty and celebrate the fuck out of your wins and your failures, knowing that failure is all part of progress. And let me tell you, as a recovering perfectionist overachiever – it took me a long time to figure this one out!  

Riding the Highs and Lows: 

Ah, the highs and lows of entrepreneurship—something that you can count on to always be there.  One moment, you’re riding high on a wave of success, and the next you’re navigating a curveball that makes you want to curl up under a doona with a jar of Nutella and shut the doors on your business.  But here’s the thing: every twist and turn is an opportunity to practice self-love and compassion. To pick yourself back up and cheer yourself back onwards and upwards.   

Whether you’re celebrating a win or picking yourself up after a setback, remember that you are worthy of success and the results in your business don’t define who you are as a person. You’re worthy AF irrespective of what your P&L says, or whether anyone signed up for your offers, or bought your products or not.  

Finding Balance in The Chaos: 

As women in business, we’re often juggling a million things at once—client meetings, sales, marketing, finance, customer care, deadlines, family obligations, you name it. Finding balance can feel elusive, especially when you’re trying to plug in time for yourself amongst all of the competing priorities. But here’s the thing: when you use self-love as your compass it will keep you out of chaos.  

Prioritize self-care, set personal and professional boundaries (and actually stick to them), and don’t be afraid to ask for help and support when you need it. Remember: you can’t pour from an empty cup, so fill yours to the brim on the regular, so you’ve got enough to go around for everyone and everything else that depends on you.  

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: 

Imposter Syndrome – I never even knew what this term meant until I became an entrepreneur and then it wouldn’t leave me alone!  It’s that sneaky little voice that whispers in the background, “You’re not good enough to do that” or “Why would anyone want to listen to you”, or “There are so many people doing it better than you – who do you think you are  

As women in business, we’ve all experienced moments of self-doubt and insecurity, some of us more than our fair share. But here’s the truth: you belong right in the Drivers Seat of your life and business success. So get after it, embrace your talents, celebrate your quirks as much as you do your achievements, and strap imposter syndrome to the back seat where it belongs, or better still, kick it out of your ride altogether. You’re more than capable, and you deserve to own your worthiness and go after what it is that you want without apology.  

The Importance Of A Supportive Community: 

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I say it takes a tribe to build a successful business and frankly, doing it on your own is boring AF! So make a commitment to surround yourself with like-minded women in communities like Ladies Who Long Lunch (LWLL), who totally get what you’re going through, without you having to explain too much, who will lift you up, cheer you on, and remind you of your worth when you need it most. Having a solid support system is crucial for your survival and success as an entrepreneur and when the events are as fun as the LWLL events, why wouldn’t you want to get amongst it, am I right? 

Embracing Self-Love: 

What’s OUT: dimming your shine and giving the Inner Critic the mic  

What’s IN: being your Biggest Cheerleader and claiming space in the world of entrepreneurship  

So my lovely, it’s time to embrace your innate worthiness, celebrate your successes and the failures too, and show yourself the love, kindness and compassion that you truly deserve and absolutely require to succeed in business.  Because when you love yourself unapologetically, there’s no limit to what you can achieve in business and in life. 

Now get after it!  

About author Amanda Cremonini

Amanda Cremonini is the owner of Smiling Hearts & Minds Hypnotherapy and founder of The Worthy AF Club.

She empowers women through Rapid Transformational Therapy, igniting deep AF transformation. With a passion for empowering positive change and impact, Amanda is creating a vibrant community – the Worthy AF Club.

Her mission: empower as many women as possible to embrace their worthiness, slay self-doubt, and step into their worthy AF potential.  

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